Bright Kids Montessori

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Bright Kids Montessori provides a setting that creates a home-away from home for your infant. The classroom serves as a transition from the comfort of home to a welcoming environment at school. What we hope to provide is individualized care for the infant, through creating strong relationships in communication between the parent and the childcare provider. 

Infant Curriculum:

    •    Daily tummy time developing Gross Motor Movement.

    •    Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination with different types of games including target           kicking, pounding, throwing, etc.

    •    Sensory Skills built with felt books and textures.

    •    Cognitive Skills: Recognizing shapes, colors, sounds and basic number concepts.

    •    Language: One on one interaction, talking to the babies, and reading stories.

    •    Music: Musical movements and rhythm.

    •    A play area designed to encourage free movement.


At this stage of a child’s development, we focus on catering to their needs of consistency and sensitivity. Our teachers attend to these needs through creating an atmosphere that radiates calmness and compassion for the students. The classroom setting includes small sized child tables, chairs, cubbies and all materials.


Children at the age of development—around 3 years of age—contain a curiosity which makes them want to explore their surroundings. In order to allow them to suffice these needs, we have created a safe environment that allows for students to find their own explanations. They learn through their senses and create a personality for themselves. Through their exploration they will create their own individualized way of thinking and develop many skills, guided by the teacher as needed.


This stage of development is the "conscious phase" of the absorbent mind. As per the Montessori system, the child can now be “normalized.” At this stage the child comes to terms with their sense of self and the world that is around them. Cherishing order and a love for work will be a result of becoming the normalized child. Concentration periods will last longer, a sense of independence will arise, discipline will be mastered and the child will display content. 

After School

We offer a combination of fun and education for our after school program. We supervise that homework is done and provide assistance for any additional studying needs. The classrooms also offer activities such as board games and art projects for students that have completed all of their mandatory work. For those interested in reading, our library offers books at various reading levels.

Extra Curricular Activities

Our primary extra-curricular activity is a ballet class taught every Thursday. There is a separate fee for this class, however almost all of our lovely young ladies partake in learning some dance once per week for an hour. At the end of the year, their talents are showcased at a spring recital.